wave of ecosophy

The fact that we are still banging on about Gender Equality in 2019 makes us feel pretty grubby - be more like the soap, 100% bias free!

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Our Journey

we care about pay gaps not thigh gaps

w.e. are change makers

Vicki had a dream, Bel thought it rocked and thanks to their sons’ mutual love of soccer, a beautiful partnership was formed!
With a bunch of complimentory skills and experience, as well as a burning desire to build a better future for their daughters and sons, WAVE OF ECOSOPHY has become more than just a dream.
Vicki & Bel both love travelling, being creative and a good belly laugh! They also love learning new stuff and doing something kick-assing-ly meaningful with their lives, always with the condition of making someone else's path a little smoother as a result.

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