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At Wave of Ecosophy* call us weird but w.e love hanging out in the bathroom. We go there when we need to take a moment, to think, to get ourself into the right headspace for a meeting and to, you know, just freshen up. 
And so the idea came to us; if we put a physical reminder of gender equality into bathrooms - in the form of a fabulous hand wash full of empathy inducing citrusy loveliness - then just maybe other bathroom hanger-outers like us may also take a moment. And in that moment think about the changes they can make in the places they work, live and play.
To all the bathroom hanger-outers we salute you and your love of bathrooms and thank you for riding the wave of change with us.
* WORD OF THE DAY – “ECOSOPHY”: The philosophy of harmony, equilibrium and the inherent worth of all beings. It’s beautiful, isn’t it. We call ourselves W.E for short.