More about what w.e. do

We’re on a mission to positively change the dialog around gender equality in Australia. We know what we’re up against so it’s pretty handy that we love a challenge!
To change the culture of an organisation or a community it all boils down to changing the behaviour of the individual within.  Anyone who has ever tried to cut out a carb or two, or get the value for money out of their gym membership knows, change is hard. So we don’t stop with getting folk clean on the outside (with our 100 % bias free soap) we also give people the chance to get their conscience a little cleaner too, with corporate learning programs & volunteering opportunities.
We’re a start up that’s growing fast so we’re always looking for volunteers to lend us their professional skills and advice. We are also looking for teams of volunteers to put in the hard graft of making our product and getting it into the hands of our change-makers. Yes all of our products are hand made in Melbourne Australia.
Speaking of change makers, people spend a good chunk of their lives at work, which is why we work with corporate organisations to bring their aspirations for gender equality to life.
If you’re looking for a volunteering opportunity - get in touch! 
If you’d like to speak with us to see how we can bring your corporate gender equality spirtiona to life - we’d love to hear from you too.